Comic Shop Plus
Newark, OH
Welcome to the entry portal to the Comic Shop Plus Forums.  We invite you to particaipate in the lively discussion and hope that you feel as comfortable in our virtual home as you do in our store. 
The same rules apply here as at the CSP store on how we expect everyone to behave.  We will not tolerate any rude or abusive language toward any person.  We also encourage everyone to remember that these are your freinds in the central Ohio area who all love the same hobby. 
In other words please HAVE FUN!!!
Q: Can I post items for sale on the forums?
A: No. Just like the store policy of no selling at the store we enforce the same rule here on the net.  Trades are always fine but as soon as money is involved it is a prohibited transaction. If you would like to sell items all you have to do is open a store and have all of the expenses involved to understand why this rules has to exist.