Comic Shop Plus
Newark, OH
Q: Can I post items for sale on the forums?
A: No. Just like the store policy of no selling at the store we enforce the same rule here on the net.  Trades are always fine but as soon as money is involved it is a prohibited transaction. If you would like to sell items all you have to do is open a store and have all of the expenses involved to understand why this rules has to exist.
Q: Why does this website not sell anything online?
A: We have toyed with putting an online store up in the past but we always remind ourselves that we are here for our local customers and the website is an extension of that support.  For this reason we do not load it down with pop ads or try and get you to buy something on each page.  Instead we post information you can use and enjoy.
Q: Can I work at the Comic Shop Plus?
A: This one we hear alot.  The problem is our employees never quit (Unique contract that they sign giving up their souls etc.). Most of our people have been with us for over 4 years or longer and have no immediate future plans to quit.  You can always drop off a resume just in case one of them gets sucked into a void or something.