Comic Shop Plus
Newark, OH
Comic Shop Plus
Who We Are:
The Comic Shop Plus is owned by Mental Adventures Inc. and has been in operation since 1987.  The store started out as a dedicated comic shop but has expanded into a full line comic/ game store.
We are the only full line comic or games retailer in the county.  We currently have 4 employees.  The store is 2500+ sq ft in dimension.  We carry over 150 comic titles on the shelf each month with over 2000 titles available for subscription services.
Store Philosophy: 
We believe in a store that is a friendly gathering place for all people of any age to enjoy their hobby.  Sportsmanship is required of all game players.  The open game area is free for customer use to play games, run events, or meet. 
We do not discriminate against race, age, sex, sexual preference, nationality or religion and expect our customer to follow our example while in the store.  We are proud of the comic/game community that has developed since we opened and its willingness to help new hobbyists get their start.
Web Presence:
Our website has operated since 1996 and provides customers with store news & event information as well as a forum which supports local game players by providing an online meeting place. 
CSP Mission Statement: 
The Comic Shop Plus exists to serve the alternate entertainment needs of the community.